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Offering US-Steel Buildings Across Alabama

We are now in partnership with US-Steel Buildings.

With 20+ years of construction and installation experience, US-Steel Buildings provide the utmost satisfaction to every consumer through expert customer service and high-quality products.

Specialization installing Utility Warehouses, Garages, RV Enclosures, Garages, Agricultural & Commercial Buildings across Alabama.

Financial flexibility with shed rent-to-own options. Available at the H&S Location only.

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We Are Offering

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Our buildings are made with commercial grade square tubing in 14GA (2.5″) and 12GA (2.25″) steel.

All tubing is galvanized during the manufacturing process to prevent surface rust.


We carry 26GA and 29GA Ridged sheet metal that is coated with Sherwin Williams Paints which provides all our customers with an exclusive 20yr Paint Warranty, protecting the product from fading, bubbling, and chipping.


For enclosed buildings, we provide Walk-in Service Doors, Windows, & Manual Roll-Up doors.

3 Types Of Roof Options:

Our steel frame structures withstand 120MPH winds and have a snow load of 40lbs per square foot.

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Regular Roof

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A-Frame Roof

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A-Frame Vertical Roof

Upgraded anchoring options such as:

  • Mobile Home Anchors: (MHA) are 30inch long corkscrew anchors that are specifically designed for ground, gravel and grass foundation.
  • Asphalt Anchors: Are 30inch long with a barbed shaft that are specifically designed for asphalt, solid limestone, and compacted rock foundation.
  • Concrete Anchors: Are wedge-style bolts that are 6inch long and ½ inch in diameter with a 5/8 head. They are specifically designed for concrete foundation.
  • Supports: Are an additional 8’ long piece of tubing that is buried approximately 2 ½ – 3ft into the ground and each set with an 80lbs bag of concrete.